Lace or Leather, no matter your preference today we celebrate your strength, beauty, wisdom, and wit. Happy International Women’s Day ladies.

The eternally lovely, fearless, and unwavering Miss Vivian Bales onboard her beloved 1929 Harley-Davidson Model D, on which she traversed thousands of miles throughout North America at the end of the Prohibition Era. A seamstress and dancing instructor from Albany, Ga., Vivian grew restless in her small south-Georgia town so she picked up her first Harley-Davidson in 1926 and set out seeking adventure. As she grew more confident and resilient her journey’s grew longer, and the petite Miss Bales eventually caught the eye of Harley-Davidson’s co-founder, then acting President Arthur Davidson. Davidson declared Vivian the Motor Co.’s Enthusiast Girl, featuring the 20 year old and her 1929 Model D numerous times in factory’s magazine and she became an icon for female enthusiasts for decades to come. Vivian exemplified the spirit of feminine freedom and equality at a time of wonted subjugation in America, living her life on her own terms with grit and grace.

Read more about the life and adventures of Miss Vivian Bales in Georgia Motorcycle History, available HERE.

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