Wigwam or Wrecking Crew, soon you will get to chose. I've got something exciting coming out within the next week that I think you guys are going to like so stay tuned.


In the meantime, how about an image that perfectly captures the immutable battle between America's two quintessential motorcycle brands. A rivalry that began over 100 years ago, 

both Indian and Harley-Davidson traded the top spot as America’s dominant motorcycle manufacturer over the years both on the track as well as on the sales room floor. In the process the two equally iconic and patently American companies drove innovation and created an expansive culture which spread around the world. And nowhere was this fierce rivalry more palpable than on the race tracks of the early 1920’s and late 1940’s. Here, this timeless American grudge match is captured perfectly in a single moment as Harley-Davidson’s Billy Huber (#7) and Indian’s Bobby Hill (#71) cross the finish line simultaneously during the AMA Class C 10-Mile National at Atlanta’s Lakewood Speedway, August 8, 1948... it remains to this day the only recorded tie in AMA history.

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