Los Angeles’ Fred Ludlow, a staple member of the famed Harley-Davidson “Wrecking Crew” factory racing team on board his 8-valve banjo 2 cam, like the one he ran at the 1921 M&ATA Nationals, which were held in Syracuse, NY. It was there on September 19th, on the dirt mile oval of the State Fairgrounds that Ludlow had arguably the best day of racing in his life. Ludlow closed out every single event on the day’s card in the top spot, winning the checkered flag in the 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 mile races... a clean sweep. Along with his victories the dapper Californian laid down new record times in the 10, 25, and 50 mile events with an average speed of nearly 80 mph for the day. At the closing of the day, Ludlow collected over $1000 in prize money, what would be nearly $14,000 today. The Wrecking Crew was disbanded by the Motor Co. a few short months later as the brass pulled the plug on their highly competitive racing program for the 1922 season. However, with some of his most recent winnings no doubt Ludlow, along with Wrecking Crew teammates Ray Weishaar, Otto Walker, and Jim Davis each purchased their factory racing machines from the company. This iconic image of 26 year old Fred Ludlow was snapped at the famed board track speedway in Beverly Hills earlier in the year before Ludlow dominated at the dusty Syracuse Mile, September 19th, 1921... Freddie’s big day.