Harry James Glenn circa 1911. A single photo of Harry kicked off my amazing journey researching the origins of American motorcycle culture. Harry was a racer and a salesman, a promoter and an enthusiast, a mentor and a shriner, a father, a husband, and most of all a kind hearted ambassador of our motorcycle culture from its very beginning. Harry's innumerable accomplishments were collected and preserved within his scrapbooks, which his grandson has so graciously allowed me to share with our community through both my book Georgia Motorcycle History, as well as my ongoing project Archive Moto. Harry has continued to inspire enthusiasts for over a century and as a result I am completing his nomination packets today for induction to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Harry spent his life in the saddle of an Indian motorcycle, spreading his  passion for the machines as well as the sport of racing across the country, and with any luck his legacy will be preserved alongside the other legendary pioneers of our culture.

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