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Motorcycle competition has taken many forms since the first two machines were pitted against one another at the turn of the 20th century. From the modern, on-the-edge action of MotoGP to the near vertical hill climbs of the 1930's. From the multi-day endurance events to the lightening fast drag strips. The beach races, flat tracks, salt flats, massive super speedways, nail bitting TT races, horse track sprints, and the thrilling dashes over the wooden slivers of the American motordromes, it is remarkable how the sport has evolved and varied in the one hundred some-odd years since its inception. But among all of the legends, icons, and fallen heroes that dedicated their life to rocketing around the varied venues of the sport, each one had to start somewhere. 

In the beginning it was the local motorcycle clubs, the brotherly band of enthusiasts that bolstered a rapidly expanding professional industry by organizing and promoting events for young aspiring demons to test their skill against one another at local horse tracks and on the small backroads of America. Here, four men, and four different makes of machine, a Pope, an Excelsior, an Indian, and a Harley-Davidson take to the line for a small-town road race in Tebeauville, modern day Waycross, Georgia in southwest of the state, sometime in the mid-teens. Who do you think won?

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