I received a message last night from a FB friend who happened upon this fantastic photo. This motley crew appears to have served as the rural mail squad from Dexter, Georgia circa 1910. From left to right are Mail carriers G.H. Green, W.P. English, H.I. King, Postmaster, G.F. Shepard and J.T. Register. The tiny town of Dexter, which is located just southeast of Macon has remarkably maintained a population of around 500 people for at least the last 100 years, and the mail route today is most likely much the same as it was in the days of these early motorcycle delivery men. The gents are sporting a fine fleet of Silent Grey Fellows, 1909 or 1910 Harley-Davidson belt-driven single’s as well as what looks to be a Wagner on the far left, each equipped with baskets for their daily deliveries. Postal service, especially in rural areas was one of many early commercial industries in which the utilization of motorcycles was a momentous success. In the case of Birmingham, Alabama’s legendary racing pioneer Gene Walker, the postal routes also offered a perfect opportunity to sharpen one’s racing faculties.