The Internet is amazing. A random FB post from an enthusiast in Switzerland has shed some light on a remarkable moment in American motorcycle history, at least for me. 

There are no confirmed details yet but I believe that this photo shows Oscar Hedstrom in front of the Hotel Ormond in Ormomd Beach, FL during the first ever carnival of speed held in 1903. The driving force behind the legendary Indian motorcycle, Hedstrom piloted one of his creations to 56.3 mph on the sands of northeast Florida for America's inaugural speed week, setting a 1 mile world speed record on two wheels. 

What is most fascinating however is how different this machine looks compared to a production model Indian from 1903, and how it seems to have quite a few similarities to the DeDion powered tandem pacing machine that Hedstrom constructed in 1900. Obviously I need to firm up some details but what a fantastic piece of history for us to have.