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To celebrate our 2K follower mark how about we nod to another 2K milestone. 

In 1907 the Hendee Manufacturing Company pumped out just over 2000 Indian motorcycles for the first time, 2176 to be specific. 1907 was a big year for the Springfield factory as they began in-house production of their engines for the first time which had been previously subcontracted out to the Aurora Automatic Machinery Co., makers of Thor motorcycles. Among the 2000+ machines to bear the Indian name in 1907 were their first twin cylinder models, a handful of torpedo tank factory racing bikes like the single cylinder model pictured, and engineer Carl Oscar Hedstrom's first loop frame design powered by an imported French Peugeot-Simplex twin, a monster that became known as the HotShot. Dirt horse track racing and endurance competitions were becoming the most popular sporting events in the country, and with the board track motordrome era just over the horizon Hendee, Hedstrom, and the Indian team were poised to be the most popular American motorcycle manufacturer for years to come.