Harley was a bit of a late comer to the racing game, but with the introduction of its 11k racing model in 1915, the brand and its legendary stable of team riders (later known as the Wrecking Crew) became an unstoppable force in the sport. Actually the 11k model made its underwhelming debut at the 1914 Dodge City 300, after a bit of tweaking HD hired racer Red Parkhurst who piloted the new machine to victory in Birmingham a few months later, though there was still no officially sponsored program. Harley's first official race and podium took place in November of 1914 when Irving Janke blasted an 11k to 3rd place at the Savannah 300. 1915 marked the first official racing season and the first official championship victory for Harley-Davidson, and intrepid riders like Red Parkhurst and Joe Wolters (pictured on their 1915 11-KT and 11-KR racers) helped to make the brand an American Icon.