A remarkable scene captured overlooking the Indian camp, known as the Wigwam during the FAM National Championship in July of 1911. The races were held at the track in Fort Erie, Ontario, just across the river from Buffalo, NY near Niagra Falls. By this time Indian, the manufacturer from Springfield, MA was the team to beat, having been one of the first American companies to support a racing program and engineer machines specifically for racing. Many of America's first racing stars were a part of this legendary team, many of whom can been seen in this photograph. A handful of the 14 riders fielded by Indian are gathered at the team tent with a handful of their hastily unpacked motorcycle crates littering the camp. Those with a keen eye can pick out (from left to right) team members Don Klark, Dan Willis, Eddie Hasha, EG "Cannonball" Baker, John U Constant, Ed Stauder, Charlie Balke, and Frank Hart. Oddly, some riders typically associated with Indian like AG Chapple and Morty Graves joined forces with WJ Teubner and Arthur Mitchell on the Merkel team for the event. Another man known to race for Indian, Lee S. Taylor donned the Emblem jersey, and among the other notable entrants was L. Steinhauser on a rare Bradley. In predictable fashion Indian took the most podium spots that weekend, with Anderson, Hasha, Constant, and Hart each taking the top spots. After the points were tallied it was Indian's Frank Hart (seen standing in beanie and goggles 2nd from the right next to Charlie Balke who is wearing a Goodyear jersey) who took home the Bosch Trophy that weekend.