A young sorority girl from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia sitting on top of a tricked out Indian Four ca. 1934. Was she the president of her house at Alpha Delta Pi, or president of the Co-Ed Athletic Association, maybe the head of the cheerleading squad, or the editor of the university newspaper? As a matter of fact she held all of those titles, as well as almost a dozen more during her very active years at Mercer. Now 98 years young, Helen Glenn is the daughter of pioneer board track racer, Indian dealer, and the South's motorcycling ambassador Harry Glenn. Being raised by a man who had a lust for motorcycles and an addiction to speed it is no surprise that young Helen was a quick one in the saddle herself. In fact, it was her father Harry who proclaimed that Helen was a just as fast as Barney Oldfield, just prettier. Not just another sorority girl batting her eyes on someone else's bike, this is the mighty Helen Glenn and her customized Indian Four just before she took off, weaving through the streets of Macon in order to lead the Mercer Homecoming Parade.

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